The First Steps

Comprehensive learning programme in fundamentals (CLPF)

Going back to the basics… strengthens the foundation

The experience of educators confirm that there are many children who are so backward in basic subjects that they need special help. There pupils have limited scope for achievement. Most of the slow-learners struggle along in ordinary classes failing to have the special attention which they need.

CLPF programme is designed especially for this purpose. This programme is exclusive for those who have learning difficulties. It covers basics in all subjects.

The objectives of this Programme

  • Identification of the courses of slow-learning and slow-learner in the class
  • Problems of slow learner and Explore the method of effective teaching for slow learners.
  • Many strategies are followed in the programme like - Giving students more time to complete their work, Highlighting main ideas & concepts in the textbook, etc...

The FIRST STEPS consists of ...

  • Individual Attention and Periodical medical Check-up
  • Motivation, Restoration and Development of self confidence.
  • Elastic curriculum with Remedial and Healthy Environment

Special methods of teaching like

  • Interactive and multi sensory games for problem solving
  • Computer assisted instruction and softwares used to help in outlining and concept mapping.