Activity Based Learning

Learning By Doing...

Apart from acquisition of academic knowledge, children should also equip themselves with other life skills, such as Self-Care skills, Communicative skills etc. so as to adapt them to the society.

Factual knowledge obtained through stereo type text book teaching or routine-learning is only superficial. These teaching methods will only curb the creativity and cognitive thinking of children and do not guarantee that children can remember and make use of the knowledge acquired.

Children should be educated in a natural and pleasant environment, and through various activities and life experiences that children attain a balanced development in different aspects.

Under this system, the curriculum is divided into small units, each with a group of Self Learning Materials (SLM) comprising attractively designed study cards for English, Maths, Science and Social Science.

  • ‘Activity Based Learning’ in Pre primary and Primary.
  • Active Learning Methodology (ALM) in Upper Primary.
  • ALM and Project Based Learning (PBL) proposed for Secondary Education.