Skill Master

Everyone knows that our present school system, in general is giving our kids the book reading, writing, arithmetic and science skills needed to be competitive in the high tech work force of upcoming generation.

But, MASTERMINDS feels that there's much more to learn than those basic subjects...

  • To prepare children for life
  • To increase self-esteem and self- responsibility
  • To develop life time enthusiasm for learning
  • To develop creative thinking and decision making skills
  • To help them to cope with emotions and stress

It is a special programme scientifically designed (with hundreds of activities) by MASTERMINDS, exactly to serve the above purpose.

"SKILL MASTER" is an integral part of curriculum and it has a perfectly planned schedule which will be implemented in a practical way in our schools.

Workshops on self -awareness, self-discipline and needs of adolescents, time management, stress management and nutritional awareness are conducted by professionals. The schools shares the parent’s and children’s concerns and anxieties with the aim of enhancing self-confidence in the students.