Enhancement & Enrichment classes

Is your child struggling with home work ?

Study time is an intrinsic part every successful student’s schedule. Study hours are conducted in the presence of subject expert and mentor. The students will have an opportunity to study in a completely distraction-free environment, In an atmosphere that is calm and focused on learning.

Students will achieve the given task in the subjects, taught in the regular classes, students are comfortably settled in a class room where they do their projects; revise their lessons and get benefit from individual assistance. As a result, they are free from bag burden here. They don’t need tuitions outside and no more struggling with home work.

A study hour report is prepared by the school, to analyze the individual performance of the child. At the end of the session a work sheet is given to all the children, which helps in the day-to-day assessment of their academic activity.

Homework Help

  • Home work policy is carefully prepared by expert to compliment the classroom learning but not to burden the students with routine writing tasks..
  • To encourage parental involvement in process of education. Note will be sent out at start of school year explaining homework policy, ideas of how to help with reading, etc.