Focus - Conceptual Foundation

Communicative language Development Programme (CLDP)

Fluency ….The Priceless skill

The importance of English language cannot be overemphasized. Comfort with English is almost a pre- requisite for success in the world today. There is quick fix when it comes to improving our command over language. It always requires lot of time and effort.

  • In MASTER MINDS… To develop communications skills and to encourage English learning ‘SPEAKING SQUADS’ are formed among the students.
  • The members of language council are selected based on a screening test and changed every term depending on their performance.
  • ‘SPEAKING SQUAD members’ ensure that language discipline is maintained in the school premises.
  • “Language Festivals” are conducted, to create awareness in the students, which include various language activities like—elocution, debate description story telling, recitations etc.