Little Masters

Let the little buds bloom...

It is an indispensable argument that we all have high expectations from our Children. We as educators need to respect our parental belief in equipping the next generation of learners. We have to continuously assess their progress and push them to meet and exceed the levels we believe they should accomplish. For this the school needs to design an environment which will accelerate the learning among children and help them realize their fullest potential.

We at THE MASTERMINDS, ensure learn through play by carefully designing each and every activity that the child will do in a structured classroom. All the teachers are skilled to help children perform different activities which have a structured learning outcome.

We respect childhood and understand that this time will fly away very soon. Hence, we have believed in gift wrapping a careful learning program which would ensure children largely learn through play, indulge in activities that our staff ensure are both enjoyable and meaningful. We love to monitor every child progress and accomplish all the milestones. We will have specialist teachers to ensure immense art & Craft learning along with fun performing arts.

We at THE MASTERMINDS understand that our children need to face lot of adults to do an active learning and as such lot of field trips to have hands on learning and also call lot of special people who will share their world with awesome conversation to our tiny tots to fill them with wonders around. Children make trips to farm houses, zoological parks, dairy farms, super markets etc. we also invite Pediatricians, Dentists, fire fighters, to share about their professions. It may also wonder if we also promise a beautiful haircut to your children that suits them. Anything more……

We also share lot of journals just to tell our parents how their children progress in our schools and also invite parents to participate in parenting clubs to exchange their challenges and accomplishment with rest of the other parents. Not only all this we also present movie watching on parenting and some interesting rare movies just to get together to discover an all-new world..

We look forward to partner with our parents in understanding their child’s world to help him evolve and in this connect we create a surrogate home for children where they learn, eat and grow. We designed a cosy sleep room to stretch and nap at the comfort of home. We stacked a child friendly reading collection to encourage to outside the window to understand the world he shares.

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics / Numeracy
  • Respecting the world
  • Art and Craft (creative thinking)

Every adult in our Pre-primary wing is filled with energy and passion to work with tiny tots/tender hearts. We make their world so special that they feel wanted and will feel home at school. We respect how children respond to a warm, rich and secure environment therefore we have crafted a very child stimulating environment for children to develop and progress day by day.

Visitors to the Pre-school at THE MASTERMINDS are impressed about three findings. The first and the foremost is children’s confidence and trust in the environment. The next striking feature is the engaging teachers who are very attentive in understanding the child’s needs. And the stimulating environment to promote strong and different learning. All these unique features make us stand out of the crowd.

Our focus is great on each and every child to unlock and unleash their fullest potentials to perform. We want our boys and girls to exceed their expected levels of development.

Little Masters
Little Masters

Excellence should be every child’s grade level achievement. The confidence that is built over these formative years stands up for the rest of their education. Our job as educators is to nurture the young minds to learn, grow and lead.

Little Masters